Committee Descriptions:



The Building Committee is responsible for planning volunteer building opportunities and putting them into practice. The committee takes primary responsibility for organizing all building activities, including scheduling volunteers, transportation and all other related tasks.


Family Nurture

The mission of the Family Nurture Committee is to act as a support group for those families that are selected to receive a Habitat home.  After a partner-family is selected and approved, they are assigned a “nurture person” to guide them into home-ownership.  The Family Nurture Committee works with the partner-families, helping them to find “Sweat Equity” opportunities, select the colors for the outside and inside of their home and shop for fixtures and floor-coverings.

The committee ensures mandatory homeowner education classes for new partner-families are completed.  The goals of these workshops are to educate our families about budgeting, predatory lending, finances associated with home ownership, home maintenance and how to be a good neighbor.  Overall, we endeavor to help our families become successful home owners and members of our community.


Family Selection

Our Family Selection Committee is responsible for conducting the application process.  The main requirements for qualification to become a Habitat homeowner are:


  • The Habitat for Humanity program is open to families whose total household income is between 50% to 75% of median income for the area as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • After conducting a home visit to assess the applicant’s need for adequate housing, the committee diligently reviews the information in the application and the required income documentation and makes their recommendation to the Board of Directors.  After careful consideration, the Board makes the final decision for approval.


Fund Raising

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the fundraising programs of the chapter and other volunteer activities provided to local affiliates of Habitat and other sponsored projects of Habitat. The committee takes primary responsibility for developing and making sure that there is proper management and implementation of the chapter’s fundraising programs and other volunteer activities. The committee will have the power to create new fundraising projects and organize volunteers to carry them out.                                                                                                                                         


Church Relations

This committee seeks to strengthen the support of Scioto Valley Habitat work by recruiting volunteers, requesting prayer, and seeking financial resources from community churches.


Family Monitoring

This committee monitors the family and their payments to ensure they meet their responsibilities with mortgage and escrow payments.  Budgeting counseling and training is available when needed.


Site Selection 

Our Site Selection committee searches Ross/Pickaway Counties for affordable land for sale that would be suitable for a Habitat home.  The committee also investigates land that is offered to Scioto Valley Habitat as a donation to determine if we can economically build a Habitat home on it.



This committee reaches out to service groups, church groups, trade organizations, social clubs, or other organizations that might be interested in learning something about Scioto Valley Habitat for Humanity? We have a 20-minute Power Point presentation that briefly describes our connection with Habitat for Humanity International (the parent organization), how we are organized, what we do for those in need of decent, affordable housing, how we are financed, what we have accomplished since our founding, and where we believe we are headed in the future.  It also describes how you might become involved, by volunteering, by contributing, or both.  The committee also helps to ensure volunteers are recognized appropriately for donating their time and talent.